Green Belt extension, Box, near Bath

Our clients wanted to downsize and stay on site by relocating from the family home into an existing annex in the garden.  This would allow their daughter and her family to move into the house.  Our brief was to reconfigure, modernise and extend the sub-standard annex to provide additional floor space sufficient for a couple long term.  Our design provides two bedrooms, bathroom and contemporary open plan kitchen, dining and living room with magnificent panoramic views across the valley.

Located in a visually prominent area of the Bristol/Bath Green Belt and the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB) the proposal was contentious. Working with planning consultants we devised a sympathetic design strategy that would stand the best chance of gaining planning consent whilst answering our client's brief.

The extension is designed to be subservient to the host building and clearly legible as a contemporary addition.  The stepped roof section allows the introduction of clear storey glazing (hidden from view by the roofs), this feature provides daylight into the middle of the plan and avoids visible roof lights on the roof slopes to maintain a simple, clean roof shape.  External walls are either stone to provide privacy and solid surfaces for internal fittings or glazed frames to provide access, daylight, ventilation and views.  The use of natural materials, muted colours and sensitive design combine to create a recessive appearance. Through the use of our Landscape Appraisal we were able to demonstrate to the Local Authority our design offered an improvement over the existing annex and it could be successfully integrated into the AONB.  Planning consent was granted.