Dutch Barn Conversion, Gloucestershire


We were approached to convert an existing Dutch Barn into residential accommodation.  

All proposed accommodation is at ground floor level to avoid the need for new foundations or the adaption of the existing frame to support upper floors.

The accommodation is arranged with open plan kitchen, dining and living area in the two centre bays and a bed space at either end divided by bathroom/utility pods.  The steel frame is exposed on the inside of the conversion and the space is open to the underside of the curved roof for its full length. Bathroom/utility pods are floor mounted, free standing timber framed enclosures, as well as providing service accommodation they loosely define the space between living and sleeping without creating conventional rooms.  This loose fit approach to the conversion allows the character/scale of the single barn space to be maintained and the structural steel work to be appreciated within this large space.

The design philosophy for the proposed conversion is to retain the ‘barn in a field’ setting.  The proposed building conversion will continue its relationship to the surrounding land, with no additional impact on the landscape setting.  The proposed planting will retain the open character and wide panoramas of the landscape.